Building a cat photo step 29 has me stuck

cat photo step 29
add an img with src: this is my solution under figure

<img src="" .>

When I check my answer it reads "Sorry code does not pass. Tell me how it is written.

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Please post your full code so the forum can assist.
Are you placing the img element between the figure tags?

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Step 29

Inside the figure element you just added, nest an img element with a src attribute set to I followed the instructions and I can’t get it right.
This is my solution-

        <img src="">

when I check my code it saysSorry, your code does not pass. Keep trying.

The third image should have an src attribute set to
Can someone help me

you have a full stop at the end of the element or at the end of the src, could that be an issue?

I don’t know . What is a full stop

You have a period (aka full stop) between the end of your image link and your closing qutation marks: jpg." You need to take it out in order for your code to be correct.

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