Building a cat photo- step 40

What am I supposed to do? Dont quite understand the term placeholder and what to do with this code. Thanks in advance. Also tried some other positions/options but didnt work.

  <input type="cat photo URL" name="catphotourl">

placeholder is an attribute that goes on the input element, just like the type and name attribute.

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so, what do you suggest? Where should I write it?

just to make more understandable, this is the question:
Placeholder text is used to give people a hint about what kind of information to enter into an input. For example, <input type="text" placeholder="Email address">.

Add the placeholder text cat photo URL to your input element.

and this is mine answer, which is wrong : <input type="text" name="catphotourl">

Where did you put the type and name attributes on the input? placeholder is just another attribute, so you add the same way as the type and name attributes.

Dont get it at all. I think the answer is simple, but I am not getting it at all.
Trust me, I tried any and every option, but did not work.
Yes, it is another atribute, but where to be put?

<input type="text" cat photo URL="catphotourl">

This seems to be wrong. Can you help me?

Where did you put the type and name attributes on the input?

I don’t just want to tell you the answer. You have already added two attributes (name and type) to this input. So I think you should be able to use that as an example of how to add the third placeholder attribute to the input.

If you reset the HTML this is the input:

<input type="text" name="catphotourl">

Do you see that you’ve already added two attributes to the input? Based on how you did that, how do you think you would add a third attribute to the input?

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Thank you a lot for your time and patience. Understood now., got it correct:slightly_smiling_face:
It took quite longer, I am completely new to this…

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