Building a collection of frontend development resources for beginners

Starting off with a little background about myself, I have been working in visual arts for the last few years; which is what I had my formal education in. Yet, I use Linux for everything but work (which requires the use of a Mac). And I’m a big supporter of open source projects.

I started learning to code a few weeks back ( doing fcc and cs50 course at the moment). While doing my FCC projects I realized that I am having to go back and forth a lot, searching for simple things like tags and syntax. In order to help myself, I started working on a set of resource documents and cheat sheets to refer to as and when needed.

The resources and cheatsheets are uploaded to a GitHub repository and are a work in progress. I hope to keep adding to this as I go along and learn more. Currently, I have resources for basic HTML, CSS, CSS flexbox, CSS grids, and basic bootstrap. I figured I should share as this could be useful for others who are learning. People who are more skilled than me can help improve the repository so that it could be a better resource for everyone.

You can find the repository linked below. Please feel free to use it, fork it, improve it, or simply give me feedback as to how this can be made more useful. I would be adding JS resources as I go along with those lessons.


TLDR: Very basic front end cheat-sheets created while learning from various resources. This repository is a work in progress.

Currently including:

  • HTML5.
  • CSS3.
    • CSS3 Basic.
    • CSS3 Flexbox.
    • CSS3 Grids.
  • Bootstrap Basic.