Building a Portfolio 9/12

Hi Im kinda new here and I cant pass the test and stuck here…

Here’s the link to my coding:

Hoping someone could help…

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Good work. You’re just 3 steps away to complete this,
among them, first one is, (Error# 5):
The projects section should contain at least one link to a project.

Currently your work is inside the iframes, but try to understand from the above error, what’s exactly expected. You need at least one link, find out some ways to do it

Thanks I managed to create a link outside from that frame.

2 things left it is something to do with the viewport…Im really stuck with that

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Well, now you need to fix the next part-
Let’s see what’s the error message:
The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.
read it carefully. This is telling you to set its height equal to the viewport.
Now, check back your code, what did you set? 400?
Ok, first you need to know about viewport. a viewport is a full height of the screen size, and it has 100 units, each unit calls 1vh, now guess, what do you need to make full viewport. - Try yourself

I think I solved that part -100vh? Now Im down with the last one…

The navbar. Im confused it is already on top…

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Fix the above part first, you got it.

Now, the last part, here is the requirement :
Navbar should be at the top of the viewport even after scrolling
Did you read, -even after scrolling- ?
That hints to a fixed positioned navbar, and then, - at the top-
Let’s see how CSS do that, I’m giving an example here that will set it at the bottom:

position: required-position;

So, now what will you do to set it on the top? Any idea?

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top: 0; ?

even scrolling my nav bar seems to be on top…
I might have scrambled all using that hamburger menu now should have done the simpler version :sweat_smile:

Wait, I tested your code, it’s ok, you just need some extra code (maximum 2-3 lines). Try to understand my above example (guess: what is -myTarget- there)?

Did you see a bit white space above your existing navbar, that’s preventing your code to pass, you also need to fix it

position: fixed;

wow I accomplished it! Thank you so much for your help!

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@travellinpanda, Congratulations! Go ahead

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