Building a Product Landing Page error

Good Evening Y’all,

I have a question concerning saving the projects we make.
Today I worked on the Product Landing Page and made good progress. I was really happy with the work I did. But just now I opened the Product Landing Page and all the progress was not there. It was gone. Is there anybody who has the same experience?

I checked if I was logged in and refreshed my page just to be sure, but my work was not there.
Only the set-up I made in the beginning.

I hope somebody can help me with my question.
Thanks for your response in advance.



Good morning,

I think I know what the problem is. I just started again with my Product Landing Page and made a duplicate via CodePen. Luckily I did just that because when I wanted to preview my page in full something went wrong and my new page again went back to the set-up I made a view days ago.

I hope nobody else has this issue. So you are warned in advance.

Have a nice day.



Did you save it using the save button?

Thanks for your reply.

I thought I did save it because it said that it would be saved, but apparently I did not do a good job. :thinking:

I’m doing a double save any way to be sure.
Thanks again.

As soon as you save using the button, a green message appears right above the header saying your code has been saved. If you watch for that, i don’t think you are going to have any issues with lost code.
Have messed up and closed the window myself till i made it a habit to save every time i finish up fixing something.

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Thanks for your reply. I saw the green message you talked about, but I guess I messed up as well. It’s a learning moment for me. Trying to make it a habit to using the save button every single time. Feeling a little foolish now :dizzy_face:

Thanks for your patience and your time.

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