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Challenge: Step 30

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What should i exactly do, i feel lost a little bit. I have given the label element a for class with different IDs in it like answers-class but it doesnt work, can someone help?

following: i am stuck on this step as well

hi, you need to give the remained label elements a for attribute matching the id you’ll give the their input elements.

hope it helps.!

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IDK why but all of a sudden what I put previously allowed me to advance, for some reason the exact same code was giving me an error but I refreshed and re-typed it and this worked:
\<label for=“option1a”>
\<input type=“radio” id=“option1a”/>

it also happens to me sometimes, but after refreshing it, and typing the exact same thing again it works. I don’t know for sure but I guess I just miss a letter some where or miss spell something, IDK for sure.

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