Building a register and login system with authentication

I’m currently learning how to build register and login systems for full stack web applications. The resources I’ve been able to find so far all include some sort of front-end libraries like react, vue, etc.

I was wondering if anyone can point me to a resource (text, video, or otherwise) that can help me learn how to build these kind of applications without using any front-end libraries. For now I just want to use pure HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS for the front-end, then for the back-end I want to use Node js, Express, and Mongodb for database storage.
I hope this isn’t too big of an ask.

Well, as far as the b/e, FCC teaches exactly that. You should learn the basic skills you need there.

As to the f/e, if you did the FCC f/e section, you should get what you need there.

I’m not sure why you don’t want to use a modern view library. Those are ubiquitous. It would be like saying that you want to build a table but you want to build all the parts from scratch and you want to build your own tools and you don’t want to use electricity - you just want some raw materials and build your own smelter to make your own nails. Sure, you’d learn a lot, but you’d also be far, far behind the curve with your competition. I think doing a few small things without React et al. is useful, but eventually you need to step into 2020, imho.

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Thanks kevinSmith,
I really appreciate the feedback.