Building a Survey Form

I am building my survey form and I am wondering how I get my Age field and input box to line up with the Name and Email fields.


You could make them all the same length (would suggest you make the email and name longer anyways)


try something like this:

  1. You put all of them in one box (black) and align all the content to the left. I say content because this works with anything, including your input boxes in this case.

  2. Put that black box inside of another box (red)

  3. Then align the black box to the center of the red box using margin: 0 auto;

  4. The blue box holds everything and keeps it together. This will we useful later on when you make the questions independent if you use the red and black box trick i mentioned earlier.

(note i use colors here just to make it less confusing)

Thanks. I used the width element and set it to 25% and everything lined up. Not perfect but does the trick.

Hi Everyone

I finished my survey form, submitted it and everything passed.

But I am still having some issues with alignment.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks