Building a Tribute Page Assignment [SOLVED]

It says to share the tribute page with friends on Facebook, but since I have no friends, I’ll share it here.

The page is a tribute to Alan Turing, and can be accessed here: Tribute to Alan Turing


Hi @awagoner,

overall the page looks good! code looks clean. i don’t know bootstrap 4 so i can not say anything about it.

Here what jumped into my eyes:

  • a lot of double blanks in the content:

  • Born: June 23

  • 1938. </li>

  • probation. Probabtion

  • DES). This

  • and a LOT more!

  • hierarchy of h-elements not clear, i.e. missing h2… the order of these h-elements are not correct; before the first h6 i can not find h5, h4 and h2

  • for my taste the image is too big

  • does bootstrap 4 not require a container-class anymore? i don’t know bootstrap 4… just asking

  • in the footer a ugly combination of &nbsp;&nbsp; which produces also a double blank

  • large screen view: the card-div is wider than your row with the personal highlights

  • the two boxes of personal highlights confuses me anyway

overall a nice and responsive page!

remove the double-blanks!!!

Kind regards

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Many thanks for taking the time to give me some solid feedback!


Hi @awagoner,

you are very welcome!


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