Building a web Application

Hey Campers,
This is my 1st question in the forum.

I’ve been phased with the task of having to develop a web application for a class I’m taking. As part of it, I’ve to use an MVC Framework, which I haven’t used before. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS & PHP at present, and the end goal is to develop a web application that teaches users basic java. (Which I’m also knowledgeable enough in)

Anyway, as part of it, I’ve to include several multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. As I haven’t used an MVC before, I feel a bit lost at the minute.

Can anyone offer any advice?

There are many MVC frameworks out there take your pick. J2EE-Tomcat, Rails, Phoenix.
Even node/express application can be built as an MVC app.

Chose the one you like most.

If you are already using PHP and want to focus your learning on MVC and the use of frameworks (and not on another language/platform), I’d suggest using Laravel or another PHP-based framework.

I myself find it challenging learning a new concept on top of a new language and/or platform with a new tool, etc. When I learn a new programming language, I do so by porting an application I have already written into the new language. I learned PHP after porting a shopping cart I wrote in ASP 15+ years ago (and will do the same with Laravel myself plus all these other new (to me) languages that I am learning). Doing so allowed me to focus on just learning PHP rather without having to worry about the design, logic in the application, database design, etc.

Just about any platform/language will get the job done (and I plan on having a shopping cart in multiple languages/platforms on my portfolio). But if the goal is learning, I feel it’s better if you can isolate new programming concepts inside of an environment you’re already comfortable with. Otherwise, when things go wrong, it’s that much more frustrating to learn and/or troubleshoot when things go wrong because you don’t know and/or have enough experience to know where to even start looking for the source of your problems.

Good luck!