Building a web page from scratch

Hello friends,

I have recently earned the first two certifications about HTML/CSS and Javascript. I have shown the projects to a close friend and he asked me if I could build a simple website for him similar to the product-landing-page project. I would really like to help him and take advantage of this opportunity to learn even more about web design, but I am lacking some knowledge in technical terms. So far I have been using codepen for the projects, but this time, assuming I am building a real web page and not a project, I should use a different platform. Do you have any recommendations about tutorials that would help me learn about the technical details? I am talking about everything except the coding part (where and how to begin, where the site is gonna be hosted, platforms I should use, etc.). Any kind of help is most welcome!

My projects on codepen so far:

You’ll need to find a web host and he’ll need to have a domain name, or will need to register one. That will be the first step.

No Support Linux Hosting is not the best host for email, but its $1 a month to have a cpanel hosting account and throw a simple site up on.

Freenom is a place you can get domains for free, although they arent the most desirable domains. It’s something you can toy with domains and DNS with anyway.

Once you’ve established a domain name, and hosting, you’ll need to ‘point’ your domain to your hosting, either by IP or by your hosts name servers.

I’m a web hosting support technician, so if you have any more specific questions, feel free to PM me.


Thank you really appreciate the help!