Building ecommerce site for my business

Hello every one .I want to build e-commerce store which must have social media plugin .
I want it to have good theme in back ground and payment option available .Do i can use fcc camp skills in building that site ?How may i shall approach toward building it ? I have some knowledge of html , css , java script .

When you finish the FCC program, you would have most of the skills you would need and would know how to find the rest.

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How web site security is being handle so that payment is easily feasible for customer and site is reliable ?

That is the kind of thing you will learn, or at least will learn to interface your code with existing modules that handle those things. But you’re going to have to do some backend/server code, or your going to have to integrate something that does it for you.

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After completing our program you will be able to design full stack web applications with confidence. This of course depends on the work you put into the program.