Building Projects

Hello! I’m new to the forum

I’m new to the world of Web Development.
So I’m currently halfway through CSS and was curious, when is a good time to start building projects or small websites. I want to slowly start building a little portfolio. Would it be best to finish Javascript? Are there recommendations on templates where I can build a site or blog? Sorry for so many questions! I’m really excited about this journey and want to make sure I’m moving in the right direction. Any recommendations are gladly welcomed for this newbie!

The best time to start building projects is as soon as you start. It’s the best way to get the concepts to stick. You are learning CSS, if you wait till you start learning JavaScript you will forget a lot of the CSS you know now. Don’t worry about remembering every little bit of syntax that goes with it, it’s fine to google stuff. But I would suggest starting now.

The best way to learn code is to start your own projects :3 leave the tutorial be if need be they aren’t that important as it is as to start coding on your own