Buindling innerHTML results in strange link

I am working on the wikipedia project and I am building the links to the individual wikilink articles that come back from the API. I build the tag like this:

linkHTML = "<a href=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/" + url + "' target='_blank'>" + data.query.search[i].title + "</a>"

However, when the page gets built and I click on one of the links, I get a 404 page not found trying to find this: https://codepen.io/jonathn6/fullpage/’https:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimi_Hendrix

why does “https://codepen.io/jonathn6/fullpage/’” get appened to the beginning of my link? Who does this? How do I get rid of it?

Thank you,

If you look closely after the href=, you will see a ’ which should actually be a straight quote '

Thanks! That’s one of those things you look at over and over and never see.