Bukowski Tribute Page - Help Me Improve (:


Any suggestions on how to improve? Thanks!


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Keep your media queries near the original selector. In large projects it sucks having to hunt down a selector when you make a change to one thing, then you have to go searching for its media query.

Also,. use more selectors in your css.

I would also only focus on 3 sizes: 320px, 768px and 1366px.

Use lazy loading for images. Especially anything below view.

Move the text to json.

Ensure all your alt tags have data and not just empty. This helps people with screen readers. (ie. blind).

Use “roles”.

Avoid IDs except for the most outer divs (containers).

Keep line breaks in html consistent. You have some with 0 breaks, some with 1 some with 4.

Use Javascript to dynamically build similar divs instead of repeating them over and over.

That’s just a few…

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Your page looks good @aetones. My only feedback is;