Bulk rename files in powershell

I have the following files named: original, original (1), etc (n+1)

I want to remove the space after the file name and the number in the parentheses and replace it with -1

Expected output:

original, original-1 and so on and so forth

what I come up with so far is :

dir | Rename-Item -NewName {$_.name -replace "(\d)$", ""}

But not sure how to implement the replace part

I found this here but not able to replicate the results

File Rename with Customizable Increasing Number

Dir original* | ForEach-Object -begin { $count=0 } -process { rename-item $_ -NewName “original$count”; $count++ }

Hi Oussama-jlassi,

Thanks for the help. The only thing I added to make it work is .jpg

Dir original*.jpg | ForEach-Object -begin { $count=0 } -process { rename-item $_ -NewName “original$count.jpg”; $count++ }

That’s great!
you are welcome