Bullet List is out of the frame

Hello there fellas,
this is my landing page : https://codepen.io/osher-zalman/pen/PrgmZv

notice that there is a bullet list, but the bullets are on the right side of the div.
this is the relevant code in HTML:

        <section class="section" id="pricing">
          <h3> כל העוגות כוללות:</h3>
              <li>הקדשה אישית - תגידו מזל טוב</li>
               <li>קישוט העוגה - שתהיה גם טעימה וגם יפה</li>
               <li>משלוח - העוגה תגיע בשלמותה עד אליכם</li>

CSS section:

.section {
    background: #fff;
    padding-bottom: 1.5em;

CSS Pricing:

#pricing {
    background: #f4ffc3;

#pricing h2 {
    background: #dde8ac;

Thank you !

I think you should apply padding to the ul element like this:

<ul style="padding-left:20px">

thanks for the replay diana,

but i cant make it work. maybe you can show me how you do it? and copy your code here?

Just add the style property to the ul and leave everything other as it is:

<ul style="padding-left:20px">

sorry, it doesnt do anything for me. the bullets are still in the same place as before. no changes whatsoever.
what am i doing wrong? :\

picture: https://imgur.com/a/QHmhUcW