Bum-par-pam! Could you please check my TRIBUTE PAGE?:)

Hola/Salut/Hi/Cześć :slight_smile:

That’s my tribute page: http://codepen.io/annaburkat/full/dNYYzo/

I would really appreciate any kind of Feedback.

How much time it took?
BTW it is awesome. Nice web page

Thanks a lot!

It took me more or less 2 days? I worked on it during last weekend :wink:

Hello @annaburkat

Congratulations for your bum-par-pam Tribute Page, it looks awesome. I can see that you’ve spent some time coding this.

I see that you’ve put the title, meta description and links in the HTML editor window, but there is a special section for all of these. Just press the cogwheel next to the HTML and put your content in the "Stuff for " section.

Also you can put your script links by pressing the cogwheel next to the JS and at “Quick add” select Bootstrap and jQuery. Make sure your jQuery is at the top, or else the bootstrap javascript won’t function.

Suggestion for improvement: you can make a slider at the top, with different images for desktop. (btw, I like how the image changes on desktop and mobile views

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Hi @Pufanul!

(Ha!This forum really works;))

Thank so much for your suggestions - I’ve changed those html/jQuery/Bootstrap things - I haven’t had any idea about it :wink:

And slider seems to be a brilliant idea - I’ll do it! (but first I have learn something about JS).

Have a wonderful day (or night;).