Bumbling through the bonfire challenges

Hi guys. I feel like I’m stumbling through the bonfire challenges more through luck than design. I get an answer that works, but I feel like it’s janky and over complicated. Is this a problem?

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It’s not a problem.What I suggested, and what I did, is go throught this and if you feel like it, revisit some challenges with your newly acquired knowledge of Javascript. You’ll feel so good when you come up with a better solution!

Stumble on! You’re gonna feel like you’re stumbling through for the foreseeable future. That’s what the process is. It’s coming upon something you don’t know how to do and fumbling your way around it until something works.

Then the second time you do it, there will be less fumbling.

And eventually, the fumbling stops and you just do it. Of course by that time you have other, more advanced, things to fumble! :sweat_smile:

Not at all, we’ve all been there!. If you don’t do it already, i recommend trying to pseduocode a solution out before writing any actual code. I find it really helps with structure and understanding.