Bump! React: 28/29 - Bug with audio test in Pomodoro Clock project?

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Hi guys!

I think there is a bug with the audio tests on the Pomodoro certification. The project passes 28/29 tests, the only one not passing being :

When a countdown reaches zero (NOTE: timer MUST reach 00:00), a sound indicating that time is up should play. This should utilize an HTML5

The sound is fine in my testing environment.

Also, what is really funny is that the example for the certification doesn’t pass some tests either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Challenge: Build a Pomodoro Clock

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Does anyone have any idea as to what to do? On my computer, it works as it should. I want the certifications :cry:

Bumping the topic as no response received yet.

Every other Pomodoro Clock challenge I have found so far does not pass all tests. https://londonjob.github.io/Pomodoro-Clock/ as another example. I believe this to be a test bug otherwise I don’t understand what has happened in the meantime to make all the other projects fail tests which were passed at one point.

I am at the same problem, and agree with your assessment that the test suite is broken!

FCC’s build is failing too: https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/pen/XpKrrW?editors=1010

How can a bug report be submitted? I would like to receive a response from an admin or anyone that can investigate the issue. Can some admins be tagged in the post, I wonder.

For what it is worth, mine still passes.

However, if you feel that there is a bug in the test script you can click the Report Bug link on the test suite to open up a GitHub Issue.

Would you be so kind as to link your project if possible? I would really like to look at the code to see what could be the issue with mine. It is so weird though. I think it is because of the audio I have used for some weird reason. In my test environment, it triggers, however, when being tested, the sound cannot be heard in FCC.

I’ve got the project on a Codepen. It’s not styled or pretty, but the code works!

Neither mine is pretty, I just want it to pass all tests already :joy: :sweat_smile:

Here’s your error:

EDIT: Link to the Google Dev doc

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Thanks a bunch, really! This test has been haunting me for a while. I commented the unnecessary pausing lines and it passed all tests. If I only knew this was the problem, I would have saved a few days.

Have a nice day, friend!