Burned out or lazy? Can't start my portfolio

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I’m a web designer with about 5 years of experience. I quit my designing job last year because I was planning on moving to NYC earlier this year (currently living abroad) but my schedule got delayed to August this year. I’ve been working part-time job (non-IT related) at night since last October and been studying coding at home during the day to up-level my career.

I hope to leave designing and become a full-time front-end developer one day. (I’m not very confident about my designs and can’t see myself doing it forever) For now, I’ll apply for designing jobs with coding skills preferred/required.

Problem is… my first few months were strong and focused. I spent my days studying on FCC, Tree House, YouTube, etc… Even when I had a hard time self-learning JavaScript, I signed up for a weekend class (they didn’t have any available classes during the week) and I’ve been going to that class every weekend since a month and a half ago.

Now… I need to start building my portfolio website in order to apply for jobs later this year but it’s been really hard just STARTING it. I’m studying, doing the small challenges, making small things on CodePen, etc… but I’ve been finding ways to prevent myself from starting a portfolio website. It’s getting really frustrating.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Burned out… lazy… whatever it is, I really want to overcome it. sigh.

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@aeyeni same problem here. I’m doing everyday small projects mostly JS and I’m able to find my way, but when it comes to my portfolio suddenly I’m standing in front of the wall. I don’t think it’s laziness, I think is more of being scared to make that first step into the unknown, to be able to show that I really want to be a web developer. As crazy as it sounds the portfolio makes this real for me and I’m afraid of the failure. I know it’s silly but for me, this is a real struggle.


It’s understandable to feel burnt out sometimes. People do all the time. You might need to take some time to clear your headspace and get your bearings.

Stop looking at this website like it is ‘your portfolio site’ for a start. You didn’t feel that there was huge effort involved in the technical documentation project and that includes most of what you need for this site too. Break it down nice and small for yourself e.g. ‘My goal is to have a framework and library decided upon for the front end by Monday’.

If you slow down and go step by step you’ll be fine. You’re seeming demotivated and burnt out because you are ‘looking at the peak without having made it to base camp yet’.

You can do this, you’ve done it before. I’m sure I speak for the forum when I say: take your time, do what you need and then get it done. You’re awesome, now just show us how awesome you are!


I understand. Sometime I burn out too. There were times I completely focus on study coding for a couple months and then feel tired and frustrated. Those time made me stop coding for a couple months or even a year. I recommend to do some thing relax for one or two days and then really think about your ultimate purpose. I also recommend to read or listen to audio book 5 seconds rule. That book teach me not to have a chance to think negatively. I’m getting better.

Great post here, very wise and motivating words man. I love this site ha

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