Busines for website creation

Hello what you think about website creation like busines?
I want start my own busines but i dont have enought knowledge.
From which point i have to start?
How i think:

  1. Learn to code
    3)Get project
    4)finish project
    Its obviously that need this goals, but is that simple?
    Or i need team?( for big project yes i now i need a team but if its small site to built?)

You should learn a wide spectrum of coding skills, ranging from HTML and CSS (the backbone of the website), JavaScript (the brain of the website) and many other things that fit together to create the best user experience. The days where HTML and CSS were enough to have a web development business are close to their ends, given the amount of WYSIWYG programs (What you see is what you get).

Learn to code, love to code, enjoy the code, hate the code. That’s the paradigm.


You have more to worry about now than it was 10 years ago.

Before it was html/css. Now you have to worry about “friendliness”, “responsive”, accessibility, SEO, design, branding, marketing, and a whole lot more that didn’t cross my head.

To add to the pain, you got people who low balls the market doing all that for $200. Typically just a free WordPress template and say is done.

Your work to say the least needs to wow people.

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About 20 years ago, it was just pure html + images… and can charge $100 per page of STATIC webpage. You can charge businesses $500 for a 5 page website + contact us form.

Easy peasy money back then. Have FrontPage97 for web design, and charge businesses $25 to $50/month for hosting, + $5/mo per email address, you can make several thousand$ a month.

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eat sleep shower eat sleep :wink:

All the innovation and entrepreneurial course and webinars and junk I’ve seen say:

Grab a bunch of friends… find out what they are having a problem with. Figure out a solution. ‘automate it’ (make it a digital process, put it on the web).

Solve people’s problem through what you build and you will do far better than just creating static websites for people.

Think about process and systems and creative problem solving all the while learning to code… you will eventually get there. (fyi, full disclosure… I’m still not there)

Thanks for answers, i now it’s not easy, but if someone can do that and earn money then i can to. I have a plenty ideas for websites creation but i think the best way to earn money is to create websites for people. Maybe i’m wrong. Need to check both.