Button of the forum

I don’t find the button to the forum from the Curriculum page.

As far as I know, it was intentionally removed (both the forum and news links), I don’t have an issue or PR to point to but I saw it mentioned in a Glitter notification at one point.

Note: This release includes a new navigation, that removes the forum and the news from the learn site, which is intentional.


Why? they were helpful buttons. do you know if they come back again or not ? @lasjorg

No sorry, I don’t have any information about why they were removed.

I don’t think they will come back. That is I’m guessing maybe unless enough users ask for them to be put back. I’m sure it was done for a “good” reason, but personally, I have a bit of a hard time seeing how this feature removal would win in an A/B test, to be honest.

I agree with you and thanks :slight_smile:.

I just commented on the GitHub issue. We are planning on adding a few other options to the /learn navigation bar, such as the ability to switch from light to dark mode with a single click, and to start/stop Code Radio.

We have links to the forum in the footer and in the challenges themselves (the “ask for help” button).

Since about 90% of traffic to the forum comes from Google search (and about 99% of traffic to /news comes from Google search), I don’t think removing the /forum and /news will make much difference in terms of usage.

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I see your point. Maybe the link isn’t as useful as it seemed.

It’s just how it goes with feature removal, it almost always feels wrong at first because something is missing. I still personally think the link would be nice to have. I guess with more features coming the nav might get crowded unless there is some consolidation of links.

Do we have any statistics on how many people came from the curriculum to the forum? Can we tell the difference between using the hints buttons and the now removed nav link?

The GitHub issue just for reference