Button redirects to section of page

Can i use a button that when clicked directs me to a different part of the page. Functionally the same as a nav-link?
(I have the button href= to the section of the page id like it to redirect to)

You could put an “a” tag in a button, but I would ask why. Perhaps you want the button style? I’m assuming you know how to use an “a” tag to link to an element with a certain id.

Nice, thanks. But yes i want the button style. Using a hover color change button on a black screen as sort of an intro instead of a nav-bar, just for aesthetics. Thanks again.

I don’t know what you mean “nav-bar” or “nav-link”.

This is two different questions. I answered the first. You can style any element to look like a button with CSS, or however you want it to look, and change style on hover.

To help further you’ll need to provide some code and what exactly you expect the code to do.

Sorry for the confusion. You answered the question. With you asking why i want a button, i was just saying i’m using a button for aesthetic purposes for my page instead of a navbar. maybe hard to understand, just trying to be creative in design. But the original question yes the “a” tag worked. Thank you

You can, by using anchor tag or (if you use React) react router dom. Well, actually there’s a lot of way.

Thanks, yeah i used anchor tag, quick and easy.