By when can I do real world stuff?

I am learning to program right now, and one thing I am curious about is that by when should I be prepared to do some real world stuff like in the applications we use in our day to day lives. I know that projects are required and that different kinds of projects have different needs. I just want an estimate, and of what topics I need to have a thorough knowledge the most in general.

What are you learning? What have you learned so far?

You can start to build real stuff whenever you want. The phrase “real world stuff” is kind of vague and open to interpretation.

For example, after I finished the FCC, I wrote a silly little app to compare timezones for different locations on the globe, for like people that needed to schedule meetings. I wrote it because I was having to do a lot of overseas calls and I wanted something easy to use. I wrote it because I wanted it.

I wrote an app, an Android app because I wanted to learn React Native. I uploaded it to the store and few other people used it. It was a game to test people’s ability to convert in their head between metric and imperial. It was nothing fancy, but I built it.

There were a few other little toy apps that I did.

Personally, I think that they were a big factor in me getting my first job.

Just build things. Don’t worry if anyone will ever use them. Build something because you think that it might be useful to you. Build something because it seems like a challenge. Just build things.

I just want an estimate, and of what topics I need to have a thorough knowledge the most in general.

It’s impossible to estimate. What stack are you learning? What curriculum?

If we’re talking web dev, then you at least need solid HTML, CSS, and JS. A good interface library is helpful (React, Angular, Vue, etc.) It’s going to be hard to build anything meaningful without consuming APIs, so that is necessary. And it is hard to get beyond trivial apps without building your own APIs, so learning a little backend is good.


Thanks a lot! I meant for App and Web Development in general.

A simple HTML page with a little CSS is a real-world application. So is Facebook or Twitter, but they require a lot more work and knowledge than a simple HTML page does.

It really depends on what you want to build. But you can put something on the internet that is super useful without much code, or you can put a lot of code on the internet that isn’t useful at all.

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Well, you still haven’t said what you know, where you are, etc. It’s also not clear what you would consider “real world stuff”.

It’s a vague questions so it gets a vague answer.

But I would say that when you feel comfortable, building “real apps” (even if they are silly and unoriginal) is a great learning tool. If you’re still studying, they can be little side projects, but still, it’s a good thing to start thinking about.

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I assume your using full stack web applications in your day to day life. This forum, and freeCodeCamp’s curriculum are both full stack web apps.

So to build something of at least the same technical complexity, would require knowledge of knowing how to build a full stack web app. This is mostly what freeCodeCamp teaches with their curriculum. However freeCodeCamp doesn’t include some other things you might need, like setting up your own local development environment, or anything related to deployment/managing the application in a production environment.

There are multiple guides out there for doing most of this however.

As said above, we aren’t really sure what you mean by “real world stuff”, as it could mean anything. You can make something vastly simpler and it can be used in the real world.

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The question was meant to be vague so that the advice that I got could be one that is more of the “in-general” kind of thing because I wanted it to be widely applicable.

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