Bypassing or Checking Cache for first time load

Hello Everybody!
To do practice along with freecodecamp, I am working with my own learning project website. When i post the new game, for example :

here are my small learning game projects:

It doesn’t load properly until the user cleans the cache or history. So I am worried about that. After googleing i found some ways to do. for example:
<meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="no-cache">
but eventually they suggest that this is not a good practice to do this.
Can any one please let me give the idea to do anything, so that the page loads correctly every time the user opens it.

Exact Problem:
Cant load the new added page properly.
To load it properly user must delete the history or cache.

After clearing history it works well.

What may be the best solution for this?
Thank you very much.