C challenges on freecodecamp?

maybe im missing them… but does this site offer any stuff for C programming?

No, freeCodeCamp focuses on JavaScript.

bummer, maybe ill get to javascript eventually

Yeah, we’re focused mostly on web development, which means a lot of JavaScript. There are non-JavaScript options on the back end, but my understanding is that C isn’t commonly used there - C# is somewhat common though. But FCC uses Node (JavaScript) for the back end too.

Nothing against C - just that it’s strengths are better applied to tasks other than the ones on which FCC is focused.

You might want to check out the free course CS50 from Harvard on edX, seems to be mostly focused on C. About half of the weeks seem to involve C according to their syllabus. I’m going through it myself, on week 4 of 11.

Good Luck!

If you want to learn C check out the K&R book or cs50.

This is a phenomenal resource if you’re looking to get into C. CS50 is also a great course.

This is a “course” that puts together Free Code Camp and CS50 material along with a database course aim at those wanting to learn full stack development.