C# - Confused as to what this method prints out

What does the following code print out? Can someone explain? :confused:

 int Confusion(int x, int y)
            x = 2 * x + y;
            return x;

        int Main()
            int x = 2, y = 5;
            y = Confusion(y, x);
            x = Confusion(y, x);
            Console.WriteLine(x, y);
            return 0;

The method Confusion takes two parameters, x and y. It returns the first, x, after doubling it and adding the value off the second paramter, y, on top. You could also write return 2 * x + y straight away.
So, in Main you have two variables, x and y with the values 2 and 5.
In the first step you set the value of y to two times y plus x. So y stores now the value 12.
In the second line you modify x. You take y two times (12 * 2 = 24) and add 2 (x) on top. X has now the value 26.
The console will print out: 26, 12.
Hope i was able to help.


Yes very much so :smiley:
I see that it is very important how you are calling the Confusion method as x and y are reversed so the values in the Confusion method are also reversed. That was something I wasn’t sure was right :slight_smile:
Thank you.