C sharp books and exercises needed

Hi all! I am looking for good lecture textbooks that explains C sharp concepts and includes exercises to practice! L

This very much depends on what you are planning on using C# for. If it is websites like the Umbraco CMS https://umbraco.com/, win32 apps or mobile. I just went back and found out that I have 36 cm of textbooks on C# and .NET starting back with Visual Studio 2010 and I must admit I have only read a minor portion of it. C# and .NET is evolving so fast that a book will soon become too old.
The one I actually did read was not on C# or .NET as such, but more on object oriented programming and design as such is Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach by Roger Pressman If you get hold of the design principles then you can fill in C# or Java or whatever you feel like. That said, Wrox usually has some good books but you should not choose the ones that says beginner on them.

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thanks you for the reply! I will look into the book! I notice OOP has a lot of concepts to grasp and the syntax is constantly changing or upgrading.

I started skimming and reading Pro C#7 with .NET and .NET Core by Andrew Troelsen. I got overloaded with information but now I just use it for reference if I need more information on a topic or syntax. I feel you suggestion of understanding the design and all is a better approach. Thanks again!