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Hello. This is my first time creating a post. I am currently working on the caesar cipher problem from freecodecamp javascript section. I am having hard time figuring out what the error is in my code or how to explain it. I know where its messing up, However I do not know why. I will post the code. I can see that any letter before O does not switch however any letter after it does switch to the correct letter. Thank you very much.

function rot13(str) {
  const letters = {    // cipher translation         
    A: 'N',
    B: 'O',
    C: 'P',
    D: 'Q',
    E: 'R',
    F: 'S',
    G: 'T',
    H: 'U',
    I: 'V',
    J: 'W',
    K: 'X',
    L: 'Y',
    M: 'Z',
    N: 'A',
    O: 'B',
    P: 'C',
    Q: 'D',
    R: 'E',
    S: 'F',
    T: 'G',
    U: 'H',
    V: 'I',
    W: 'J',
    X: 'K',
    Y: 'L',
    Z: 'M'
// looping through keys searching for the key within the string. then replacing with the value of that letters[key]

for(let key in letters) {   
  let regex = new RegExp(key, 'g');
  str = str.replace(regex, letters[key]);
  return str;

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Ah, I see what I think is happening.

Suppose your word is "ABA"

First you replace the As, so it becomes "NBN".

Then you replace the B, so it becomes "NON".

You should be done at this point, but…

Your loop keeps going and eventually replaces the Ns, so it becomes "AOA" and then replaces the O' so it becomes “ABA”`.

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