Caesars Cipher any advice?

What do you guys think about my way of coding this project? Any tips or advice on my code? Thank you!

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function rot13(str) {
let myCipher = []
let finalCipher=[]
let myArr = str.split("");
let finalArr=[]
for(let i=0; i<myArr.length; i++){
 for(let i=0; i<myCipher.length; i++){
  if(myCipher[i] <78 && myCipher[i] >64) {
   finalCipher.push(myCipher[i] +13)
  else if(myCipher[i]<64){
 else finalCipher.push(myCipher[i] -13)
 for(let i=0; i<finalCipher.length; i++){
 return finalArr.join("").replace(/[-]/g,"")

console.log(rot13("SERR YBIR?"));  
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Challenge: Caesars Cipher

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