Calc project feedback requested please

Hi I’ve created the calculator project and need feedback as to whether it should be submitted.
It’s quite basic and the image could be optimised as there is a lot extra guff that Inkscape adds.
Thanks for any advice.

I have a large monitor and your calculator still will not fit in the height of my browser. You might consider making it responsive, so that it fits within the browser no matter what size the window is.

Also 1 divided by 7 and 1 divided by 3 give interesting presentations on the display.

Good points. Thank you.

Ok I have adjusted it to fulfil your observations.

This looks like a pretty good calculator to me. Just a couple of things I’d mention: the dotted borders on the elements look a bit ugly; and you might want to change the output messages from 1/0 and 0/0 to something a bit more calculatorish. Good job anyway.

Thank you. I thought the dotted outline gave it a scalloped effect but on reflection I agree it is a bit ugly. Good catch.