Calculator #13 Question

I’m working on the JavaScript calculator (This one) and I used a tutorial (I used this tutorial). How could I implement #13 into my calculator?

Without seeing your code, we could randomly guess, but I think a better question might be… if you encountered that situation in real life, how might you handle it?

Suppose you saw this, written on a piece of paper:

3 + 4 + * 5

…and you knew that number 13 rule… what might you do with that + * in the middle of that?

This question actually confused me but in this case, I would ignore the multiplication sign

According to number 13, is that accurate? From what I’m seeing, if we encounter multiple operators, the last one wins. In the case of + *, the addition should be replaced by the multiplication.

I see, but how could this be done with code (I’m not using React by the way)?

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