Calculator and Pomodoro Clock

(:blue_heart: FCC)
Slowly, steadily drawing near Front End certification.
Recently finished Calculator and Pomodoro Clock projects.
Please provide critical feedback. I appreciate it.

Actually, I made more than one Pomodoro Clock. One criticism I’ve recently received: my design aesthetic/style are too permeating and distracting, which I consider to be a valid criticism, so I simplified Pomodoro considerably.

Earlier Pom:
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Most Recent Pom:


Feedback on the calculator.

Doesn’t seem to function as a calculator should, ie multiple presses of operators displays multiple operators therefore causing errors. Do however like the parentheses touch, didn’t do that on mine.

Pom does exactly as it says on the tin.

Thanks for your input. I should spend more time on the calculator, for sure. Seems I tend to get caught up in how things look and overlook basic functionality problems.

Easily done, I recall you posted about employment opportunities, if your looking to showcase anything you’ve done on FCC then it would be wise to ensure that it works well.

Yeah, you’re right.
How about now?

In a word, no.

Still multiple issues that need addressing, it’s a tricky project, I’ve struggled myself to get a good working example, even now I still have slight functionality issues.

Going back to yours:
CE button does really strange things.
I can input multiple decimal points. ie etc
I can input number onto the end of errors.
Parentheses can be added in wrong places.

Sorry to have to point these out. Take a break from it, come back to it later and maybe think about starting from scratch on the Math bits. Ohh and don’t blacklist me!!!

You’re probably right about taking a break from it. I’ve learned this is a necessary part of the process in disciplines other than coding. Case in point: I didn’t realize, when I hastily “fixed” it last night, all of the strange things CE does.
I wouldn’t blacklist you for helping me. This is exactly the kind of thing I hope to gain from FCC community. Thanks for taking the time to test it better than I did (in all honesty). (I know that’s not at all a good thing. I’m still learning.)

Hey, just checked out your calculator, your design looks very feminine and sparkly :blush:

I found this project interesting, yet very challenging :sunglasses:

In addition to pointed out issues above, I discovered another one. Even though you have set the limit for the digits to be displayed, it seems to be like you need to cut it by another 2-3 digits, because they go over the length of the display.

Also you need to limit the length of the result when it has a decimal point, because it also goes way over the display on the right hand side.

Hope my feedback helps you, but won’t be upsetting :wink:

Thanks so much for your input. Not upsetting in the least. :relieved: