Calculator feedback please!

Try to break it! :3


Btw, how do I center it on mobile? I tested on dev tools and it seems to be wonky.

Hi Robert,

I like how you designed the clock. The color combinations are not the best, black on grey is too dark. Also, when you hover over buttons the number is hardly visible. Maybe change the color of the text at the same time as the background, so there is a better contrast.
A few bugs I noticed…

  • I can enter multiple zeros at the beginning of a number. Those should be ignored on entry.
  • I can’t enter a number that starts with 0. The calculator should be able to recognize both 0.something and .something as valid numbers.
  • The calculator doesn’t limit the length of the entered number. At some point the entered numbers start flowing out of the screen.
  • Adding decimal place to integers in the result looks strange. Also, why just one decimal place?
  • After I press = if I keep pressing digits rather than start a new calculation, the calculator just keeps adding the digits to whatever was left over on the screen from the previous calculation.


-I put the decimals to 3
-you can start a number with 0. now

I’m working on other bugs o_o