Calculator - Feedback - thoughts?

The x^2, sqrt, and % sign are pressed right after a digit.

Ex: Press 9 , then, x^2, you get 89.

% only accepts the range from -1 to 1, and fractions.
Ex: -.1 —> % ------> -10%.
Ex: 8/9 —> % -------> .88898%

What do you guys think?

functionality wise, works great!

Not sure what you mean by % only accepts decimals though. 8/10% returns 80%.

Styling could be a bit better but thats pretty much it. :+1:

I am able to type multiple decimal points with your calculator. For example, I should not be able to enter the following:


The same goes for x and ÷ and + and - operators. I should not be able to enter multiple consecutive operators of the same type like:


Also, if you are going to display operators such as ÷ and x, then I think it would look better if those same symbols appeared in the display. Currently, when I click following buttons:

5 x *3 ÷/ 2

I see the following in the display:

5 * 3 / 2

Lastly, the display hides many numbers which are entered or calculated. You should look into displaying such large numbers in scientific e notation.

Thanks, guys. I plan on correcting the code by the end of today.

I appreciate all of the feedback so far!