Calculator in REACT JS

Hello dear friends. i have finished the calculator, made it in Reactjs and the rest Vanila how i like it, JS Rocks!!!. I hope you like it

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Your calculator looks great! I like how you used text-shadow to give the numbers in the display a glow effect. :grinning:

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I am unable to enter .1 + .2 to get 0.3

Mmm really!!. I will fix it as soon aa possible. Thanks

the problem it is solved. Thanks

I can now enter .1 + .2, but the result should be 0.3 and not 0.30000000000000004

Also, what if I wanted to enter 0.001 + 0.002 to get 0.003. I can not do that with your calculator.

Hello. you can try it now. Thanks for the help. You always helping me. Thank you. I really want to be a real programmer and i appreciate your help. If you could give some advices, for example wich books read. i am really interestead in learning programming, not just to learn to work with somme framework. that is why i am so interestead in vanilla js beacause i like to think and find the purest solution possible. If you could help me with some advices and orientation about it. I am 33 years and sometimes i am not really sure if i could make it. To find a job as a programmer. but i will keep doing that.
you can try with the calculator now. Thanks

It seems you have resolved the bugs I typically see in the calculator projects posted. Good job!

EDIT: I found another bug.

2 / 7 = +2 = - 2 = * 7 =

The above should result in 2, but your calculator returns 1.9999999999999991

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I think that this behavior it is because the bundle js of freecodecamp wants this level of exactitud and i musto to multiplicate the result by 100000 and then divide it to have a decimal so long. If i round the result the bundle js do not let me pass