Calculator project built with ReactJS and material-ui

Hi guys. Just finished my calculator project.

I used ReactJS for UI and an external REST API step-by-step solutions for mathematical expressions.

Here are the sources:

This was my first attempt to work with React.


I like the look. The step-by-step explanation is very useful for checking interim results and the bracket feature is cool as well.

I did get a script warning about an unknown prop, which may be related to the top left menu (I assume) not working for me.

One thing I wanted when I started using it was a clear button versus highlighting and removing the text. I like that one can copy in an expression and evaluate it, but the input handling should be a bit stricter, particularly when using the buttons.

I could for example enter text, multiple operators in a row, multiple zeroes in a row, multiple decimal separators, etc.

I really like the calculation explanation at the end. It’s a useful breakdown to verify that the interim calculations make sense.

Very nice!

Thanks for your feedback!

I agree, “clean” button would be a nice feature. I was thinking about that, but material-ui has no out-of-the-box solution for placing a button over a text field.

Glad you like calculation explanation I’ve used. I implemented that API myself when I was working on my first major software project, so I decided to utilize it in my freecodecamp calculator project.