Calculator Project: iPhone remake

Hey, everyone! I just finished up my calculator project and would appreciate some feedback. If you leave a link to your own post, I’ll be sure to give you some feedback in return.

My Calculator

Here’s a bit more info. I wanted to challenge myself to recreate the look and functionality of the iPhone calculator in portrait mode (I didn’t include the advanced functionality it has in landscape mode). I ended up removing the borders between the buttons because I thought it looked nice.

Regarding the functionality, I tried to get it to be as similar to the actual iPhone calculator as reasonably possible. One exception I made is, for example, if you press 8, +, 9, =, +, +/-, 8 the iPhone drops the negative and displays just 8, where my remake keeps the negative and displays -8. For very small numbers (possibly large as well), I’m not sure what criteria the iPhone calculator used to determine how small is an Error, so I set the threshold to be at 1e-100. There are also some other minor differences in the display value in some cases, e.g., 1e-8 vs 0.00000001. This is due to me sticking with floating point numbers which I didn’t think would be a problem since the iphone never displays more than 9 digits. If you can find any other big differences in functionality, I would appreciate hearing about them.

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