Calculator project JF

Hello every one!

Here is my calculator project:

If it’s possible, I want to receive a feedback from you all! :smiley:

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Hey @julio-pinheiroo!

Congrats on your project. I think it looks great!

Happy coding!

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Your calculator looks good @julio-pinheiroo. I’m having an issue with the square root button.

  1. If I enter 36 and hit the square root key and then =
  2. Or, if I hit the square root key, enter 36 and then =
    I get the following;
172 | console.log(finalCalc);  
173 | //indirectWindow variable was necessary for security resons.  
174 | const indirectWindow = window;>  
175 | let result = indirectWindow.eval(finalCalc);      |                            ^  
176 | if ((/\./).test(result.toString())) {  
177 |   result = result.toFixed(3);  
178 | }

To square a number I;

  1. type the number
  2. hit the square button
  3. hit =
    and get the correct answer
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Hi @Roma and @jwilkins.oboe!

Thanks for the complements :grin:

Now the calculator is doing the square root on this way.
Tthanks to report! :facepunch: :facepunch:

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