Calculator project test 8 issue. Need some help with this

See this link to see my Calculator:

You can find my full code in my repository on github.

Hey ,

I just can’t make this test pass , Everything seems okay to me. When i input something in my calculator it’s displayed inside the element with id “display” but still it won’t work.

Can anyone look at my code and give me a hint?

It’s this test:

8. As I input numbers, I should be able to see my input in the element with the id of “display”

this is the error message: (i don’t really understand what it means)

I think you have a mismatch of the div. Your div id=“display” also contains the div className= memory

Let me know that’s what it was.

Good luck

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Check my app! :slight_smile: it works , thank you!

Nice work!!! It looks great!