Hi All,
I have completed the calculator project.It passed all the 16 tests.
The biggest challenge was passing the 13th test

13. If 2 or more operators are entered consecutively, the operation performed should be the last operator entered (excluding the negative (-) sign.

Kindly view the page via below link.

Any feedbacks or suggestions for improvement are highly appreciated.

A few accessibility issues:

  • Your app is not keyboard accessible. You are setting event listeners on <td>s instead of using using <button>s. This means that I can’t use the keyboard at all and must use a mouse. You should always make sure that whatever you build is keyboard accessible.
  • You’ve got color accessibility issues with the white on orange/light green. You can check if the color contrast is enough at
  • Technically, you need at least an <h1> heading on the page (which should probably be the ‘Calculator’ heading at the top).
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Hi @bbsmooth ,
Thank you so much for the suggestions.

  • I have added buttons inside td.

  • Thank you for sharing the link.I have updated the colors after checking with the link.

  • h1 is added