Calculator test 9 not passing

Hi i was doing the calculator project and i can’t get it to pass the test 9. When i enter the formula manually it gives me the corret value, but when i run the test it says it doesn’t work. I don’t know where the problem may be, so i will appreciete the help

my project :
(im still working on it, so i will fix the other test and the appeareance later)

thanks in advnce for the help

Take a look at test number 6 (which you are passing, but you’re missing what it is really looking for) and how it relates to number 9. Does the element with the ID it is looking for contain EXACTLY the right answer and nothing more? You have an ID problem somewhere in your HTML. I changed one line and passed all but 11, 12, and 13 on your tests.

Good luck!

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I got what you meant and really worked. Thanks a lot!!! i would’t have think about changing that, you saved me a lot of headaches

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