Calendar heat-map and Time-zones

Not a super big issue or anything, but noticed the calendar heat-map displays different results depending on the timezone of the viewer of the page.

GitHub does the same thing. I don’t see this as a problem?

Might not be, could have been intended to be that way. But figured i’d mention it on the possibility it was an unwanted outcome, being that its not something that might on the top of your list to check for.

friend had asked me why i broke my streak and i was confused because mine showed that i hadn’t. Again, a cool feature, but ultimately not important.

The streak/heatmap feature has been an absolute nightmare since it was first created. If you’ve ever had to deal extensively with timezones, you know why.

What if you make a contribution in one timezone, and then travel to a different timezone before making the next one? What if you cross the international date line? What if it’s a Daylight Savings change day? What if you’re using a VPN? What if you make one contribution at 12:01AM and then the next one at 11:59PM the next day (almost 48 hours later, but the next calendar day)?

Dates and timezones are the absolute worst. Eventually you always have to decide how important specific edge cases are and what is “good enough”.


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