Call-site VS Call-stack. (javascript)

Is this the correct understanding of call site and call stack?

Call-site is where the function is called.
Call-stack is the order that the function is called.

function baz() {
    // call-stack is: `baz`
    // so, our call-site is in the global scope

    console.log( "baz" );
    bar(); // <-- call-site for `bar`

function bar() {
    // call-stack is: `baz` -> `bar`
    // so, our call-site is in `baz`

    console.log( "bar" );
    foo(); // <-- call-site for `foo`

function foo() {
    // call-stack is: `baz` -> `bar` -> `foo`
    // so, our call-site is in `bar`

    console.log( "foo" );

baz(); // <-- call-site for `baz`
  • In this code snippet, the 1st function call is baz() , then baz called bar , bar called foo. So the call stack is baz==>bar==>foo

Is this correct? then why there are 2 call site for baz()? one is

// call-stack is: baz
// so, our call-site is in the global scope

the other one is:

baz(); // <-- call-site for baz

I’m confused…

Never heard of call-site, but the second one seems to be the call-site. In the first comment it says that the call-site is the global scope, because baz() is inside global scope.

yeah that’s what confuses me.
I found some of the explanations in YDKJS series is quite confusing.

In the second snippet (which says baz(); // <-- call-site for baz), baz is in the global scope. That is to say, it’s not called within a function or within another thing that has it’s own scope. So there’s not two call-sites for baz.

I see. Thanks !! (20 character limits)

The comments are technically right, but I can see why it seems confusing.

In the last line, you call baz from the global scope – that’s the call site. Assuming your environment is a browser, you would call baz on the global window object – window.baz(), given that window is the global scope. baz() is just the implicit way for saying that.

Calling baz() makes the engine push baz() onto the call stack. This is why, when you’re executing function baz(), call stack is just ‘baz’. The following comment, “so our call site is in the global scope” is the confusing bit. It’s really just reminding you that you called baz down at the bottom from the global scope.

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I see. Thanks! I m new to js so just try to understand all these.