Calling All From The DMV!

Please reply if you’re from the DMV with location and short bio. I am looking to operate a local meetup here in Baltimore.

Department of Motor Vehicles?

D.C., Maryland, Virginia = DMV

That makes considerably more sense.

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I thought maybe @BmoreInspiring saw someone at the DMV with FCC on their computer.

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Hey, I also live in the greatest city in America. I’ve been playing around with JS on and off for the past year. So far I’ve only really done front end stuff. Almost done with the front end section on FCC. I’m not entirely sure where I want to go with it, but it’s something I’ve been enjoying learning as a hobby. I’ve actually been able to apply what I’ve learned at work. I’ve made small two projects that are regularly used now by my coworkers.

I live in DC! I finished up the Front-End Cert already and i’m skipping the Data Viz for now to work on back end. I’m also working on learning Linux and the command line. I’m planning on trying to get a programming job toward the end of this year. I’d be down for a meet-up if anyone is tryna come to the DC metro area.