Calling all PHP (LAMP stack) learners

For the time being I am on FCC mainly for the front end certificate. After completing it my focus will be mainly PHP back end development following the LAMP stack, and I welcome anyone on here who has the same goal to post their learning plan/route so we can help guide each other.

My road ahead looks something like this, where I’ll aim to build at least 1 or 2 mini personal projects for each of the technologies mentioned. If I can’t get inspired enough to come up with my own personal projects I shall resort to building the FCC backend projects:

  • Front End Cert
  • ES6
  • Laravel

I aim to top it all off with 1 big personal project combining all of the above technologies together. What that project will be I’ve yet to decide. If I can’t think of anything special it’ll most likely be an ecommerce store.