Calling multiple functions in React one binded with thisone not

Hi all !
I’m wondering how to call multiple functions with onClick when one function is binded separately and the other isnt?

so I’m trying to do this onClick = {()=>{this.bindfuncHere();this.binded}}

I know if it’s one binded functions I can just do like this:
onClick ={this.func}

or when I’m just calling a non-binded fuction I do this to bind it:

so how to combine this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, never mind ,I figured it out.

I’m stuck a bit with something else react now.
take this example code :

const copy = [...state,action.decimal];
console.log("copy:", copy);

action.decimal is stored as : " . " in the action creator.
If I type for instance a 1 followed by a decimal , copy contains: [1,". "]
but when I try to access the decimal by for instance: state[lastindex]
it returns undefined?
Any idea why?

Hello there,

It is difficult to tell without a lot more code. So a link to your project would be helpful.

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Thanks, I already solved it :slight_smile: