Calorie Counter

I have completed the Calorie Counter project. One thing that I want to do is to test if the project is working as intended after writing the code. I realised that the Clear button is not doing anything. I do input data and calculate calories. Except the Clear button does not work. Does not clear the data entered. What is the problem with this?

please describe how to see this behavior, because I did this and it works:

  • write 1800 in calories budget
  • click add Entry
  • write “a” as name and “450” as calories
  • click “calculate remaining calories” and the breakdown and calculation are generated
  • click “Clear” and everything disappear

On freeCodeCamp it is working properly. I tested the counter in my VS.Code and did the live server option…still doesn’t work there. Should I downlad an extension?

what extension do you want to download?

Please share your code, the one you have used to build the project locally, maybe as a github repo?

Github repo GitHub - Camagu-Ncoso/FreeCodeCamp-Calorie-Counter: This is a project I did as part of the freeCodeCamp carriclum

I would be pleased to correct my code if needs be

you are missing the code added in step 96, which is the code needed to make the clear button work