Camper Cat? freeCodeCamp Mascot?

So I have been working through the Reactive Web Design course, and I saw mentions of this so called Camper Cat. Is there any actual art of Camper Cat? Is this cat the freeCodeCamp mascot? Or is there another mascot?

And if there aren’t any pictures of Camper Cat, what do they look like?

I’m not sure if this was ever brought up before, I was just curious. I do some art ocassionally and just thought of drawing ‘Camper Cat’ but alas I couldnt find anything on them!

… Purrhaps a mascot design is in order?

All of this crossed my mind after seeing some users with their own ‘Octocat’ in their profile pictues on this forum. I think It would be cool to have some similar with freeCodeCamps own mascot.